Adel: Trial against “Mirror” publisher: Prince Harry on the witness stand

Adel: Trial against “Mirror” publisher: Prince Harry on the witness stand

It seems uncertain whether Prince Harry can actually prove at the trial against the “Mirror” publisher that he was spied on using illegal methods.

The British Prince Harry (38) is again cross-examined by the lawyer of the opposite side in the spying process against the “Mirror” publisher MGN. On Tuesday, the royal had already answered questions for almost five hours.

Based on 33 press articles from the newspapers “Daily Mirror”, “Sunday Mirror” and “People” from the years 1996 to 2009, Prince Harry wants to show that illegally obtained information was used in reporting about him. For example, he suspects, by listening to mailbox messages on his cell phone.

It’s about content from conversations with his parents, celebrations, plans for the future and the relationship with his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy. Harry complains that the alleged spying caused him severe mental suffering and put a strain on friendships and relationships.

Lawyer questions prince’s credibility

It is undisputed that illegal procurement of information was common practice for the newspapers published by “Mirror”. But whether Harry can prove this in individual cases initially remained open. MGN lawyer Andrew Green sowed doubts on the first day of the survey, for example by showing how other media had previously reported on the same facts.

And he questioned the prince’s credibility: Does Harry even remember reading the individual press articles? No? How could they then emotionally burden him? Did he write his written testimony himself? Green is considered a master at embroiling witnesses in contradictions.

The prince countered that the illegal practices had long been proven on other victims, that traces had been systematically covered up, and that reports of even the most intimate details of his life had been rubbed in his face by schoolmates and acquaintances. He, in turn, always suspected friends and associates of cooperating with the tabloid press, known in Britain as the “tabloid press”. He was “paranoid”. Relationships with women have been sabotaged.

“Harry the Fighter”

But Green meticulously pointed out that the source of the articles was often other tabloid media – sometimes the palace, or even Harry himself. that you have had to endure in your life, but it does not follow that they were unlawful”.

But Harry, according to the published written testimony, wants to process more than just his own painful experience with the tabloids. “Our country is judged around the world by the state of our press and our government – both of which I believe are at rock bottom,” he wrote. The press is no longer doing its job of holding the government accountable and is instead “going to bed” with it so that everything stays the way it is.

For many British commentators, that’s a step too far, because the royal family traditionally stays out of politics. Talk show veteran Andrew Marr, who understands Harry’s emotional vulnerability, summed it up like this: “Wow, this is Harry the fighter who is fighting for the cause of reform with a radical-sounding, clear edge. I wonder where that is will end.” For the royal correspondent of the conservative newspaper “Daily Telegraph”, Camilla Tominey, on the other hand, Harry is a man who “failed because of his fame” and now blames others for it.

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