The director of Titanic arrives in Argentina: what will he do in our country?

The director of Titanic arrives in Argentina: what will he do in our country?

James Cameron, renowned Hollywood director, will visit Argentina this Thursday to join a forum for social talks.

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He renowned film director and producer James Cameron will visit Argentina this Friday to join a social activity far from his field. Besides being one of the main references of the world of movies in Hollywoodis also an environmental activist and in this role will participate in the Sustainable Development Forum “Sustaining”.

In this activity, the promotion of sustainable businesses, tourism as a social dynamizer and development engine to care for and regenerate the environment will be discussed. The forum will begin on Friday at 3:00 p.m. and the free tickets are already sold out.

In addition, during his stay in Argentina Cameron will travel to Jujuy to learn first-hand about sustainable productive development of this province linked to the deployment in energy matters: the largest photovoltaic park in Latin America, the thermo-solar plants and the enormous potential it has in terms of lithium that progressively brings it closer to energy self-sufficiency, while contributing to the national energy grid.

Cameron created the Avatar Alliance Foundation to work on climate change issuesenergy policy, deforestation, indigenous rights, ocean conservation and ranching.

“The audiovisual industry has an unquestionable role in raising awareness about the challenges we face. Cameron is one of the most relevant living examples in this matter: promoting care for the environmentpromote forms of sustainable production, and help us all to become constructive transformers of our environment,” said Jorge Brown, vice president of the Advanced Leadership Foundation through a statement.

During the forum will be discussed in panels that will address the following topics: tourism as a social catalyst and development engine to care and regenerate the environment; Web 3 – Blockchain and the promotion of sustainable business and the power of audiovisual communication to mobilize transformations in the fight against climate change.

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