Tom Holland: Spider-Man star needs acting break

Tom Holland: Spider-Man star needs acting break

Tom Holland is taking a year off from acting. The break had become necessary due to the work on his new series.

Hollywood star Tom Holland (27), best known as Spider-Man from the Marvel Universe, is taking a year-long break from acting. The Brit has that. Holland cites the “difficult” work on his new streaming series “The Crowded Room” as the reason, which “broke him down”.

Double role increased the pressure

“It was definitely a tough time,” says the Marvel star, summing up the production of the psychological thriller and crime series, which starts on June 9th on the Apple TV + streaming service. As the series’ lead actor and producer, Holland played a dual role on the set that created “a high level of pressure.” The show, which features character Danny Sullivan possibly suffering from dissociative personality disorder, also explores “certain emotions” that the actor “definitely has never experienced before.”

Tom Holland: “The series broke me”

While Holland is no stranger to “hard work,” the production of “The Crowded Room” broke the beloved Spider-Man actor. “There came a moment when I said, ‘I need a break.'” Now he will to take “a one-year hiatus”. Nevertheless, he is looking forward to the start of his series and does not have the feeling that the hard work was “in vain”.

Is “Spider-Man 4” in danger now?

In “The Crowded Room” Holland plays alongside Amanda Seyfried (37). The Emmy Award winner portrays a psychologist by the name of Rya Goodwin on the series. She interrogates Holland’s character about his involvement in a 1979 New York shooting.

The fourth Spider-Man film, which is already in development and stars as a friendly neighborhood spider, should not be in danger due to the acting break that has now been announced. Because Holland revealed just a few days ago that work on the script for the upcoming superhero film would currently be on hold due to the ongoing writers’ strike in Hollywood.

US screenwriters have been on strike since May 2nd. The representatives of the major studios and streaming services have not responded to the demands of the Writers Guild of America. The authors’ union fights for better pay and better framework conditions for the work of its members. After a settlement, however, work on “Spider-Man 4” should continue.

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