The controversial post of the ex of L-Ghent after his arrest

The controversial post of the ex of L-Ghent after his arrest

Tamara Báez, L-Gante’s ex-partner and mother of his only daughter, made a publication on his social networks targeting the artist who was detained for unlawful deprivation of liberty and threats.


After the cumbia singer 420 L-Gante was detained yesterday after accusations of unlawful deprivation of liberty and threats, his ex-partner Tamara Báez did not remain silent upon receiving the news. Jamaica’s parents did not end her relationship on good terms and the young woman did not miss the opportunity to target the artist in networks.

In the midst of the scandal over the arrest of the singer of “El Último Romántico”, Tamara Báez, the mother of her only daughter, made a controversial post on her Instagram account with a hint at her ex.

“When I get what I want”read the comment that accompanied a funny photo of a girl with a toy crown and sunglasses.


Although with the passage of time they had certain approaches for the good of the baby, Valenzuela and Báez never came to fruition and, at present, there is a great distance between them.

After the arrest of the artist, yesterday afternoon a new complaint in a case for violence and damages involving Báez in 2021. If the case goes ahead, the young woman could be charged like L-Gante for damaging a vehicle after a traffic fight.

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