Taylor Swift worries River fans: Is the curse coming?

Taylor Swift worries River fans: Is the curse coming?

After exhausting the three dates announced for November in the monumental, the fans put their eyes on a conspiracy theory regarding the stadiums where the singer plays.

Undoubtedly the week was marked by the sale of tickets for Taylor Swiftwhich sold out the three dates announced for November 9, 10 and 11 at the stadium More Monumental. Despite the happiness of his fans, River’s fans he laid his eye on a tconspiracy theory that worries them.

The theory began in the United States and began to go viral on social media: they ensure that the artist affects sportingly to the teams of stadiums where he performs his shows.

taylor swift

Taylor Swift.

Users on social networks say that when the singer began her The Eras Tour, began to affect NBA teams of the cities where he played. They mark that after their shows, the team of that place suffered a defeat.

Taylor Swift appeared in Atlanta and the hawks they lost to boston celtics in first round. Then he showed up at Philadelphia and the 76ers fell against the team Massachusetts.

The same happened with the Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers. Now River fans will have to pay attention to what happens with Miami Heat and Denver Nuggetswinners of each conference and tournament finalists.

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