High Waist Bikini Trends 2023: The models are so stylish

High Waist Bikini Trends 2023: The models are so stylish

Tankini, monokini or mankini. Even the diverse names show the versatility of the swimwear two-piece suit. In 2023, so-called high waist bikinis will be in trend. That’s behind it.

Do you know the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean? The bikini owes its name to the 23 islands that belong to it. As the site of some US nuclear weapons tests in the 1940s and 1950s, they served as inspiration for the two-parter. The classic bikini consists of a top and pants. When it comes to the fashion trend of 2023 — the high waist bikini — the bikini panties do not sit on the hips, but higher on the waist (the word “waist” comes from English and means waist). Read here which models are in trend this year and why we know that bikinis were already worn in ancient Rome.

Plain colored high waist bikinis

The bikini is not a fashion trend from the past, because women already wore cropped tops and pants for sporting activities in ancient Greece and Rome. This is shown by mosaics found in the “Villa Romana Del Casale” in Sicily. Over time, the two-piece has evolved. There is a large selection of different models in terms of cut, color and shape. Single-colored bikinis are simple and can be ideally combined with different tops.

High waist bikini with floral print

Although airy two-piece suits were already worn in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, the bikini was long considered immoral. Even in notorious Hollywood there was a strict set of rules from 1934, the “Hays Code”, which, among other things, prohibited the showing of the navel in films. The rules were only abolished in 1968. Hollywood made the start and over time the bikini developed into a must-have at the bathing lake or beach. In summer 2023 it can be high waist bikinis with a floral print. The playful pattern goes perfectly with the sunny weather and looks cheerful.

High waist bikini with pattern

Floral patterns are an option, but there are more choices. High waist bikinis are available with stripes, dots or animal prints. There is something for every taste. When it comes to patterns, if you’re bold, you dare to mix patterns. If you like it more reserved, you can choose either a bikini top or pants with a pattern and combine models with plain-colored parts.

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