Swimwear trends 2023: These models are popular in summer

Swimwear trends 2023: These models are popular in summer

Bikini, monokini, tankini, bathing suit: there are quite a few models when it comes to swimwear. But what are the trends for 2023? We present trendy cuts or colors.

When it comes to the beach, the outdoor or indoor pool, the first question that arises is: What should I wear? Swimsuit, bikini or something else? If you want to be trendy, you should read on now: We present the swimwear trends for 2023 and reveal which models are particularly popular.

Swimwear trends 2023: What’s trending?

But anyone who thinks it’s all about body ideals or the pressure to look as fit as possible in a bikini is wrong. Fortunately, this year more than ever: It is not the fashion industry that dictates what we should best wear, but rather our bodies and ourselves. More individuality, fewer unrealistic body ideals. Every body shape should be emphasized, everyone should feel comfortable. And that works particularly well with the following swimwear trends for 2023.

1. Swimwear trend: high-waisted bikini bottoms

Since everyone has body zones that he or she particularly likes about themselves, it only makes sense to emphasize them with swimwear in order to feel particularly comfortable in them. On the one hand, they ensure a feel-good factor because they usually don’t cut in or are too tight and, on the other hand, they emphasize the legs and put them in the limelight.

2. Swimwear trend: Cut-out swimsuit

Also the is suitable for emphasizing special parts of the body: with a low back, for example. This sets very specific accents. Or with a particularly deep neckline in the décolleté, just as the wearer likes it. Bathing suits can also be special eye-catchers: a bright blue, a bright red, decorations, scalloped edges or flounces are good ways to attract attention.

3rd swimwear trend: cut-outs

Showing specific parts of the body works with me particularly good. These can be around the waist, under the bust region, or wherever you like. Asymmetry is also still popular, i.e. cut-outs that are only set on one side. This ensures a special eye-catcher effect.

4th swimwear trend: halterneck tops

Because comfort and feel-good factor are more important than ever more in focus again. They are comfortable to wear and provide support. If you want to be particularly trendy, you can choose a crossover model in which the straps are not crossed at the back but at the front.

5th swimwear trend: two-tone models

You can also set accents by taking advantage of the colors of the swimwear and playing with contrasts. are trendy in 2023. Bikini bottoms and tops in different colors, for example, are eye-catchers and increase the scope for fashion. You can either play with strong contrasts or with unusual color combinations.

More swimwear trends for 2023

Anything that pleases you and what makes you feel good is allowed. If you are still particularly trendy and want to draw attention to yourself, you can go models with multi-straps or crochet details or even entire crochet models.

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