Anna Ermakova: The winner of “Let’s Dance” is solo again

Anna Ermakova: The winner of “Let’s Dance” is solo again

It’s all over with her longtime friend: “Let’s Dance” winner Anna Ermakova has announced the separation.

Anna Ermakova (23) is no longer with her boyfriend. This was confirmed by the daughter of Boris Becker (55) newspaper.

“We are not together anymore”

Accordingly, she said at the “Ein Herz für Kinder” summer festival in Berlin: “We are no longer together.” Further details were not known. She kept her boyfriend out of the public eye. However, they are said to have been together for almost four years. Photographers caught them kissing in London in 2020. He is also said to have visited her on “Let’s Dance”.

Despite the separation, she is doing well, writes “Bild”. Ermakova, who has just finished her art history degree, wants to focus on her career. You could also imagine spending a longer period in Germany. “Germany is a part of me, I’m half German.” She definitely has the opportunity to do so in winter: from November 7th to December 4th she will be on the “Let’s Dance” tour. But first she wants to return to London and spend time with her friends.

The 23-year-old came to the “Herz für Kinder” summer festival in a lace dress by the Berlin designer Lana Müller. She was accompanied by her mother Angela Ermakova (55).

Source: Stern

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