L-Ghent more complicated: they expanded the accusation and could receive up to 25 years in prison

L-Ghent more complicated: they expanded the accusation and could receive up to 25 years in prison

“He gave a detailed explanation. He explained everything. He gave details and provided video evidence”the defense lawyer told the press this afternoon Alejandro Cipollawho added that L-Ghent will remain housed, for the moment, in a cell of the Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI) of Quilmesalthough he plans to ask for the release and also a cover change.

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Judicial sources informed Télam that Valenzuela was investigated for three facts: “illegitimate deprivation of liberty, in an ideal contest with coercive threats aggravated by the use of weapons and by being perpetuated against a member of public power”; “illegitimate deprivation of liberty in an ideal contest with coercive threats aggravated by the use of a weapon”; and “simple possession of narcotics as author”. L-Ghent could receive up to 25 years in jail.

The same spokespersons indicated that the defendant gave his version of what happened and refused to answer questions from prosecutor Raúl Villalbaof the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 9 of Moreno-General Rodriguezwho arranged for a medical check and be referred to your place of detention.

Meanwhile, Cipolla said, upon leaving the courthouse, that L-Ghent He did answer their questions and explained that the events were the result of “some problems that occurred at the door of his house”, in which “shotsfrom you don’t know who” and that everything happened “before” the musician arrived at the place.


Regarding the illegal deprivation of the two people who reported it, the lawyer considered that “it is impossible”since both “got on their own” in the car of L-Ghent because “were known”and that later “no one called 911” to warn about this alleged situation.

The lawyer added that they will request a new statement from one of the complainants given the possibility that in the first exposure he was “coerced”at the same time that he will pose before the Justice of Guaranteessubsidiary to the release, the possibility of being granted a house arrest. “I found it good. He asked me for elements to continue making music and he was able to see his family”added the defender.

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L-Ghent was transferred to the prosecutor’s office after 5 this morning from the Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI) of QuilmesWhere did it happen two nights detained. The transfer was made within the framework of a extensive security operation which included dozens of policemen and a fence surrounded the tax office where the investigation was finally carried out.

For his part, Claudia Valenzuelathe mother of the musician, affirmed that the detention of her son is “a matter of money and politics”that “If I wasn’t so famous, I wouldn’t be in jail” and that the complainant “he stabbed him in the back”.

“It’s a shame that the person you fed more than once with one hand is stabbing you with the other hand. The complainant is the father of Elián’s friends. Friends from before, from life,” he said this morning before the press, before making the statement at the prosecution.

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The complaint that led to the singer’s arrest was made on May 27 by Gaston Torresa neighbor of the Valenzuela family, who lives in the Bicentennial neighborhood of General Rodríguez, in the western suburbs. According to the sources, the morning of that day, at the exit of the “Río” dance venue located in that town, there was an incident with several young members of the so-called “The Maphilia”the group of friends and musicians to which he belongs L-Ghent.

When Torres left the club to go home, he began to receive threats from Valenzuela: “You messed with La Mafilia, you messed with the 420you’ll see what’s going to happen to you,” he told him, according to what the complainant’s lawyer said on Wednesday, Leonardo Sigal.

After that, always according to the complaint, members of that same group went to his house and they physically assaulted him both him and his family and then a white BMW drove by Valenzuela passed by, who lowered the glass, pointed a gun at him and got Torres in the car.


A few meters away, it was also intercepted and forced to get on the same vehicle a young womana neighbor of the musician, who had participated in the first discussion with the friends of L-Ghent, according to the complaint. Then and always according to the statements of the complainant lawyer, some members of “The Maphilia” were delayed by police and L-Ghent He returned to where the mobile was, lowered the glass and told the agents: ‘Get rid of the kids or I’ll kill this one’“, in reference to the victim who was held inside his BMW.

At that time, according to the complaint, the singer of the cumbia 420 He called another person whom he identifies with a nickname and says: “Prepare the field for me, we will kill this parsley there”. towers remained 23 minutes captiveuntil L-Ghent received a call assuring him that his friends had been released by police and released the victims.


An investigator assured Télam that the claim was confirmed then by dozens of security cameras, by the geolocation of cell phones and by the statements of the police, other witnesses and relatives of the victims.

With the evidence gathered, the prosecution requested the arrest of Valenzuela before the Court of Guarantees 2by the judge gabriel castrowho validated the request and ordered four raids last Tuesday, one of them in sector 1 of the country of the Province Bank Clubwhere finally the musician was arrested. In the proceedings, the bmw carthree replicas of Firearms and the cell phone of the defendant

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