A wolf in love: Shakira and Lewis Hamilton are starting a relationship

A wolf in love: Shakira and Lewis Hamilton are starting a relationship

After they went out to dinner after the Barcelona Grand Prix, a new report indicates that the pilot and the Colombian are getting to know each other and they want it to be “casual and fun”.

After her scandalous split with Gerard Piqué, Shakira would be at the beginning of a new relationship. The lover would be nothing less than the Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton.

Rumors of a relationship between the two grew last weekend when Shakira appeared at the Barcelona Grand Prix where Hamilton competed. When they finished they went to dinner and drinks with friends who uploaded photos of all together to social networks. In those photos you could see both celebrities very close to each other.

Now, a source assured People that the singer and the runner began dating and that they want to keep things “casual and fun”. “They are spending time together and in that ‘get to know stage'”said the source who knows both.


After her separation from Piqué in June 2022, the Colombian singer began a new life crowned by the global success of her BZRP Music Session #53 with the Argentine producer bizarre. Hamilton has had different rumors of romances, for example with nicki minajsince he split from Nicole Scherzinger in 2015.

The photo that shows Lewis Hamilton and Shakira together

After watching the race Hamilton in Barcelona, the runner and the Colombian went out to dinner with friends. One of them, uploaded a group photo to their stories from Instagram where you can see the pilot taking Shakira by the waist.

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