Hearing: Meghan apologizes to the court for being misled

Contrary to what was previously stated, Prince Harry’s wife was aware that an employee at the time had provided the authors of a book with information about her.

In the appeal process between Duchess Meghan (40) and the British newspaper “Mail on Sunday”, the pressure on Prince Harry’s wife increases.

As the British media reported on Thursday, Meghan apologized in a statement to the court and the opposing party for “misleading” information on a book about her. Contrary to what was previously stated, it was said that she knew that a former employee had provided the book authors with information. The man had previously testified that he had been in contact with Meghan and Harry about the information for the authors.

The appeal process is actually about a judgment from February. At that time, the London High Court ruled that the “Mail on Sunday” publisher had violated Meghan’s personal rights and copyrights when the tabloid published excerpts from a handwritten letter from the Duchess to her father.

On Wednesday, Meghan announced that she wanted her father, with whom she had been in a clinch for years, to use the letter to refrain from further media interviews in order to reduce the pressure of the royal family on Prince Harry (37). The publisher is of the opinion that Meghan already considered an unwanted publication of the letter when writing it.

The Duchess announced that her ex-press spokesman had passed on some information to the book authors with her knowledge. “I don’t know the extent of the information he shared,” she said at the same time. “I clearly had no desire or intention to mislead the accused or the court.”

The appeal hearing should end on Thursday. It was initially unclear when a decision could be expected.

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