Thermal getaways: two anti-stress destinations full of dunes and fields

Thermal getaways: two anti-stress destinations full of dunes and fields

Rest is always a excellent option at any time and the baths of necochea and tapalquéin the Buenos Aires province, invite you to rest your body in the warmth of its magical waters and to recharge your energy to get through the second part of the year. I know more about these two ideal destinations for one escape.


Thermal getaways: two anti-stress destinations full of dunes and fields

dunes and sea

TO 41 kilometers from the center of Necochea is found the paradise: between give us meandering and fields emerald color appears the complex Médano Blanco, Termas del Campoan ideal proposal for those who want a stay of relax.

The beauty of the surroundings is combined with the salty chlorinated waters of the pools that emerge at a depth of 600 meters at a temperature of 38.3° and are composed of chloride, sodium, sulfate, calcium and magnesium. Those minerals stand out for their properties decongestant, de-stressing, antiseptic, healing, toning, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and detoxifying.

Campo Hot Springs 2.jpg

Termas del Campo

“Termas is to spend the day. We don’t have a place to spend the night,” he explained. Melina CorapiMarketing responsible.

The complex has two indoor hot spring poolsother recreational and two outdoor hot tubs; of a country spa with cabinets, state-of-the-art stretchers, hydro circuit with saunasteam bath, rooms with hydromassage and Scottish shower.

For childhoods they offer playroom with board games, insert, table tennis and, outside, a square with games.

Termas del Campo.jpg

Termas del Campo

Upon arrival, visitors are fascinated by the nordic style stay helmet which was built in 1925 and belonged to the family of alfredo rasmussen, Danish immigrant who arrived at the end of the 19th century. “People are surprised by the combination of the old and modern architecture”, assured corapi.

In the house they work the local art gallerythe offices of the complex and the Rural Remainedwith menus NO TACC, vegans and vegetarians.

“The complex has a lagoon of 18 hectares. In high season they are rented kayak and, for example, the olympics of the professionals”, explained the Marketing coordinator.

Campo Hot Springs 3.jpg

Termas del Campo

With the hot springs, this coastal destination diversified its proposals: “It is the tourist product that allowed us to start talking about tourism all year round in Necochea”assured matias sierrasecretary of Tourism and Productive Development. “products do not competethey complement each other in an incredible way and it also has high demand both in the summer months, as well as in the low or medium season”, the official asserted.

warm water field

In the heart of the Buenos Aires province there is stress free space”, he promises Tapalque Hot Springsas a oasis in the middle of the desert. The complex works on a property of 17 landscaped hectares. It is an impressive construction with changing rooms, showers, a commercial sector in the water area, lagoon, green areas and of rest.

Tapalqué Hot Springs 2.jpg

Tapalque Municipality

It has four covered pools; three outdoors and two for children. From the inside you can see the beauty of the pampean environment while the body remains submerged in these healing waters that arise 500 meters below the surface, with a temperature of 27° at the wellhead and rise up to the 38°.

Are chlorinated, sulfated, alkaline and calciumproperties that contribute to alleviate different pathologies: cell trophism, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and circulatory conditions. They are also ideal for activate metabolism and nervous system. Have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal effects.

tapalque hot springs.jpg

All Provincial

Tourists can stay in one of the tourist accommodations offered by the city. In this sense, Nativity Bacciocomunicipal director of Tourismconsidered that the hot springs, recently inaugurated, will motorize the growth of the local economy.

“For us as a community it is a great joy to see the completion of a stage of this megaproject that tapalqué faced a couple of years ago. He is a hinge moment for the growth of our town”, he expressed.

tapalque hot springs.jpg

Necochea and Tapalqueas part of Buenos Aires Hot Springsaugur a stay of full enjoymentpromise endless moments of leisure and they put one break from the burden of routine.

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