“Barbie”: Movie hit comes with new scenes in the IMAX cinema

“Barbie”: Movie hit comes with new scenes in the IMAX cinema

From September 22nd, “Barbie” will be available in selected IMAX theaters worldwide for one week. New scenes are also shown.

“Barbie” fans worldwide are happy about this news: The mega-successful film by director Greta Gerwig (40) Both in the USA and in selected cinemas in other countries, new, previously unknown scenes are then to be shown.

Meanwhile, the film breaks a lot of records: In the US, it grossed the equivalent of over 530 million euros – more than any other film this year. Worldwide revenue is almost 1.2 billion euros. And: Thanks to “Barbie”, Greta Gerbig is now considered one of the most successful directors of all time. Never before has a film directed by a woman achieved more sales in the USA in the first few days than “Barbie”. On the first weekend alone, he earned around 140 million euros.

“We can’t thank the fans enough”

Gerwig: “The worldwide enthusiasm for “Barbie” is overwhelming, makes me humble and moves me deeply.” So many Barbie fans would have joined the journey,” and we can’t thank them enough for supporting the film. We made ‘Barbie’ for the big screen, so it’s all the more exciting to bring the film to the IMAX To bring cinemas – to the very largest screen.”

The director continued, “As a special thank you to the fans, we’re excited to show some more of the team’s incredible work by adding scenes that we hope will delight audiences.”

From “Barbieland” to the real world – that’s what “Barbie” is about

For Barbie (Margot Robbie, 33) and all the other Barbies (Issa Rae, Hari Nef, Dua Lipa and more), every day in Barbieland is the best day ever. And when it’s Girls’ Night at Barbie’s pink dream house every night, Ken (Ryan Gosling, 42) and the other Kens (Kingsley Ben-Adir, Simu Liu, John Cena and more) have to see what they’re doing with themselves. In “Barbieland” the matriarchy rules: Barbie is president, Barbie is a federal judge, Barbie is a doctor. And Ken? It’s really just for fun.

But then little imperfections appear in Barbie’s previously perfect toy world. Not only does her morning milk go bad and the breakfast waffle burns in the toaster, the doll suddenly thinks about dying and develops flat feet in the other Barbies, causing them to gag. There is only one way to get the problems under control again: a trip into the real world. In Los Angeles, both Barbie and Ken quickly realize that men are in charge here. Patriarchy still rules the world…

The cinema release was on July 20th.

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