Lizzo: Is she now responding with a counterclaim?

Lizzo: Is she now responding with a counterclaim?

Lizzo has a lawsuit from her ex-dancers on her neck – they accuse her of violating labor laws. Is the singer now suing back?

The drama about Lizzo (35) and her ex-employees is entering a new round. After three of her former dancers filed charges a few weeks ago, accusing the singer of creating a “hostile work environment,” the 35-year-old is now taking action. , she intends to file a counterclaim. The celebrity lawyer is bothered by recently surfaced photos of the plaintiffs.

Did the plaintiffs celebrate “exuberantly”?

The footage circulating online shows dancers Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez backstage with topless dancers at the Crazy Horse Club in Paris. The women had previously claimed they were forced to attend the erotic show. According to Singer, however, they apparently “had a happy revelry” and were “exuberant.”

In addition, the lawyer is questioning a video of Davis said to have been taken about a month after the Paris visit. In it, the dancer gushed, “It’s been great so far and a beautiful journey. I admire her so much. I want to follow in her footsteps and I just want to share that with the Queen herself, Lizzo.” When asked about this, Davis allegedly claimed that her allegations were based on incidents that happened after the video. “This apology is clearly at odds with the facts, including these photos,” Singer responded.

Lawyer: Dancers “have finally had enough of the abuse”

Neama Rahmani (43), the dancers’ lawyer, also commented on the photos in an interview with “TMZ”. “Of course they wanted to keep their jobs. Like everyone else, they have bills to pay, but they’ve finally had enough of the abuse,” explains the lawyer. The team stands by each count of the charges and is now awaiting trial.

Lizzo, meanwhile, was first spotted in public last Monday. She confirmed to the paparazzi that she was working on new music. Besides, she would be fine.

Source: Stern

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