Off to Italy: Reinhold Beckmann’s vacation: By bike to Venice

Off to Italy: Reinhold Beckmann’s vacation: By bike to Venice

What does Reinhold Beckmann do on vacation? He pedals properly. But in the end all the hardships were worth it.

TV presenter Reinhold Beckmann (“ran”) cycled from Munich to Venice during his vacation this year. “It was eleven days. It wasn’t comfortable, because it went quite up and down a lot,” said the Hamburger (67) in an interview with the Berlin broadcaster Schlager Radio. “The scenery was great – driving over the Brenner Pass. It was raining all the time. But afterwards we were rewarded. When we went to Italy, the sun came out and the food got better.”

Incidentally, he is of the opinion: “God does not live in France. No, God lives in northern Italy. The people: so kind. The food: great. The landscape: fantastic. Then the moment when you drive into Venice. This reward, that last moment. It was great.”

There were no problems with the car traffic, said Beckmann: “There are other routes to get to Venice, but we drove the old Roman road. That means we were on bikes that have the gear shifting like racing bikes, but we had slightly wider tires, so that you could also drive on the gravel road. But there was also a pass to be overcome in between. Then you drive up 1000 meters – within 15, 16 kilometers. Then you become very small and humble and curse when you drive up there like a tractor at six, seven kilometers per hour.”

Source: Stern

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