Drew Barrymore harassed on stage: Man arrested for stalking

Drew Barrymore harassed on stage: Man arrested for stalking

Shortly after the stalker incident during a live talk by Drew Barrymore, the same man is said to have been arrested outside her home.

Because a man has scared actress Drew Barrymore several times within a very short time, he has now apparently been arrested by the responsible officials in the state of New York. , a suspected stalker was spotted outside their Long Island home on Wednesday (August 23) and taken into custody. According to the report, this was the same person who confronted Barrymore during a live talk in New York City last Monday (August 21).

The man had made himself suspicious because he had marched from villa to villa in the posh Southampton district to find the actress’ property there. When he is said to have actually stood in front of their door, the police intervened and arrested him. Fortunately, Barrymore was said not to have been on site at the time.

Drew Barrymore had to flee

During the live talk a few days ago in New York, Barrymore fled the stage. She was in conversation with presenter Reneé Rapp when someone from the audience called her name. Then she interrupted her sentence and called out in a good mood: “Oh my God, yes, hello.” When Barrymore then tried to continue their conversation with Rapp, the situation escalated when a man approached the stage and gave his full name.

“You know who I am. I need to see you sometime while you’re in New York,” he said as Rapp got up to escort Barrymore off the stage. Meanwhile, the security forces intervened and held the man in check. A video from the scene was posted on X (formerly Twitter).

the suspect is known to the police and is said to have been noticed several times for burglary and trespassing. He had been arrested several times – now apparently once more.

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