Roland Kaiser: Rare private insights on Facebook

Roland Kaiser: Rare private insights on Facebook

Sweet pictures from Roland Kaiser’s garden: The hit star shares photos of a break with children and grandchildren.

Rare insights into the family of Roland Kaiser (71). The pop star pictures from a “tour break” from his house in Münster.

Guests are his son Jan, stepson Tim and his wife Annika. His “good friend”, entrepreneur Thomas Hagedorn (52), can also be seen.

Grandchildren Mia and Mats are the stars of the recordings

The stars in the private pictures are Roland Kaiser’s grandsons. Little Mia is sitting on her grandfather’s lap in a snapshot. She crushes his face with both hands. Another picture shows Mia with her little brother Mats. However, the two can only be seen from a great distance in a play corner in the garden.

Roland Kaiser has so far largely withheld his grandchildren from the public. In December 2019, Florian Silbereisen (42) revealed at the “Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights” that the “Santa Maria” singer was already a grandfather. At the time, Kaiser did not reveal which of his children made him a grandfather. Today it is clear that stepson Tim and his wife Annika are the parents of Mia and Mats.

First picture of the “little empress” in March 2023

In March of this year, Roland Kaiser shared a picture with his granddaughter for the first time. “The Little Empress visiting Grandpa Roland in Oberhausen”. The little empress walks through the backstage area holding her grandfather’s hand, her face cannot be seen.

Roland Kaiser has three biological children. Son Henrik comes from his second marriage to actress Anja Schüte (58). With his third wife, Silvia Keiler, he has a son, Jan, and a daughter, Annalena. The 24-year-old runs the artist agency Kaiser & Kaiser together with her father. Stepson Tim comes from Silvia’s first marriage.

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