Mercury retrograde in the sign of Virgo

Mercury retrograde in the sign of Virgo

Whether you know about astrology or not, the two topics that people talk about the most are generally retrograde planets and eclipses. This generates a lot of bewilderment and confusion, since many assume that because it is a retrograde planet, everything is ruined and we have to stop doing our usual life. That’s not true. All your life you lived these periods without having the slightest idea about it, and here you are. Nothing so terrible happened to you, the world did not fall apart. Almost all planets retrograde (some for six months of the year), so Are you going to slow down your life for half a year? clearly not.

Let’s keep in mind that most of these retrogrades during this year are and were in earth signs, which means that what we will put under review and questioning the most is not only our bodies, goods and resources, but also our workforce, energy, limits and the time we use for everything, in addition to the reality that ends up concretizing.

It is a great opportunity to introspect, put a stop to the day to day, keep your head flexible, look back. Absolutely nothing bad is going to happen, you just have to keep a few things in mind. It’s not a matter of texting an ex and blaming Mercury retrograde. Our actions and decisions are always our own responsibility.

It can also be used to resume old activities or plans that had been left behind, review them to see how they can be updated. You have to have a plan B set up for each activity that is put together, put together a backup of electronic devices prior to these dates because technology usually fails, carefully review what is sent or signed, not neglect the information we give, or get lost in the gossip because it can play against you.

Regarding the internal, I invite you to make the following reflection: there is nothing stronger for all of us than nostalgia. It is in memories that we can experience and relive what has already happened, some things are real about it, others not so much. We have the tendency to romanticize the past, to stay for what we believe was there but perhaps it is no longer there, to look with little eyes at a lot of situations that really aren’t so cool but hey, maybe our heads do us a favor by making us forget about them. some details.

The issue of reliving that nostalgia is that a doubling is generated, because we stop living the world in the present tense. That is what prevents us from moving forward, what evades us, because reality becomes too much, where we increasingly fill in those memories with blank spaces that we know are not that way. But it is also the security of seeing a movie again that we already know how it ends, instead of venturing into what could happen in the uncertainty of what is to come.

At the end of the month, we somehow recap what happened in the last semester. It is a moment of closures that give rise to the opening of the beginning, the threshold that a baby crosses when it is going out into the world, we put aside this doubling to begin to inhabit with actions and movement what comes later in the next eclipses. But to start reading a new book, you have to finish the old one. You have to stop wanting to look for that book that is already so broken from touching it, handling it and crying over it. Staying in a passive situation is being afraid of your own actions, your own life, it is preferring to live asleep and anesthetized in a place that keeps you safe, but that is not real. You have to want to read new stories. That not all crying is bad. Some are of births and coming into new lives.

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