“Printed Image” arrives, an exhibition on the photography book and editorial practices

“Printed Image” arrives, an exhibition on the photography book and editorial practices
August 26, 2023 – 08:51


The Printed Image exhibition, organized by ArtexArte and the Alfonso and Luz Castillo Foundation, opens today, curated by Francisco Medail, to investigate the photography book and its different editorial practices from the mid-20th century to the present.

The exhibition, which can be visited until October 7 with free admission at Lavalleja 1062 in the City of Buenos Aires, is structured around three large conceptual axes distributed on each floor of the foundation.

A first nucleus investigates the use of the photography book as a means of political propaganda in contrast to artistic projects that made use of this device to reflect on different political and social events in the history of our country.

Secondly, the ways in which the Argentine territory has been represented in photography books are explored, highlighting the inequalities between the centralism of Buenos Aires in opposition to the rest of the provinces, together with the essentialist attempts to show the Argentina as a whole.

Finally, the exhibition recovers the relationship between the photography book and other artistic disciplines, pointing out the link with literature, painting, music and photography itself.

“Printed Image” is made up of more than one hundred and thirty books ranging from scientific publications from the 1930s to photobooks by contemporary artists.

The exhibition will also carry out a public program of activities that include virtual conversations about editorial work and its current problems, a conference with the Spanish editor Gonzalo Golpe, and a face-to-face workshop at his expense, aimed at photographers, artists, and publishers. , as reported in a statement.

Source: Ambito

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