Actor: Richy Müller: Hollywood only cooks with water

Actor: Richy Müller: Hollywood only cooks with water

The 67-year-old has already appeared in Hollywood with Vin Diesel. But that didn’t really impress him.

The “Tatort” actor Richy Müller (67), who was also in front of the camera alongside Hollywood star Vin Diesel for the blockbuster “xXx-Tripple X”, was not particularly impressed by the dream factory. “Even with such productions, only water is used – and apart from the fact that there is more money, there are no big differences and no special features,” he told the “Badische Latest News”.

He had hardly had any contact with Vin Diesel. “The stars live in their own world, they’re on set in their trailers, in their trailers,” said Mueller, who portrays a villain in the 2002 action film.

There was only contact with the American actor in front of the camera. “It went well, just like with everyone else. Of course it was a nice experience,” said Müller.

With a correspondingly good offer, he would also be part of a Hollywood production again. “If it were a good script, a good role, I wouldn’t say no when Hollywood called,” said the native of Mannheim, who will be on the theater stage in Karlsruhe as “Rain Man” from September. “But most of the time, roles are offered where you play a character with a negative historical background, that doesn’t interest me.”

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