Nichi releases four previews of his second album, “La contradicción”

Nichi releases four previews of his second album, “La contradicción”
August 26, 2023 – 10:49


The Argentine singer Nichi anticipated the presentation of her second studio work and the first spoken in Spanish, “La contradicción”, with four songs in advance that are already available on digital platforms for the release of the album next October.

These are the cuts “La contradicción”, “Tregua”, “El principio” and “Mañana otra vez”, which together with six other songs will be part of an album that the artist began to develop in 2020 and which is crossed by reflections about love, relationships and the different ways of perceiving oneself.

Produced by Ale Moffardin, “La contradicción” is considered by Nichi as his “great artistic debut” and as a “musically very diverse” display, after he ventured through English in 2017 with the recording of “Whole”.

“The point in common with the previous album is that they are songs composed by me and surely I have a marked style, but I feel that what I am doing is very different on a musical and personal level. In addition to the vulnerability of the language, in “This album exposes me more. I thought I would never be able to write in Spanish. It’s much nicer and more difficult,” the singer said in statements to the press.

In this sense, Nichi added that “there are songs that talk about a complicated relationship, songs that talk about me and my ways of seeing things, and songs that talk about love, all traversed by that concept of the contradictory, which is an axis fundamental in this disc”.

“Each song goes to the place that song asks for. We don’t force any song to fit into a genre, and in turn we feel that the entire album has an identity, even though it is varied. The identity is in the diversity of the album and that I like it”, he explained while talking about the sound of this work, which combines classical instruments such as guitar, drums and piano with beats and synthesizers.

After releasing “Whole”, Nichi presented his singles “Dejame lo que me hace bien” (2019) and “Complicidad” (2020), during a period in which he performed live shows at renowned New York music venues such as Rockwood Music. Hall, The Bitter End and the Sidewalk Cafe.

Since then, the singer has also performed at shows and points on the Buenos Aires circuit such as the Ciudad Emergente Festival in 2017, and two years later at La Tangente and the Open Folk Festival in Palermo.

Source: Ambito

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