Coco Boudakian, founding leader of the Danger Four, has died

Coco Boudakian, founding leader of the Danger Four, has died

The Uruguayan musician Krikor “Coconut” Boudakianfounding leader of danger fourthe pioneering tribute band to The Beatlesdied at age 66 of causes that were not disclosed.

This was reported from the official page of the group that in the first half of the 80s it established itself as the first to faithfully recreate the music of the famous Liverpool quartet, in which Coco assumed the role of George Harrison like first guitar

It is with deep regret and a heart full of priceless memories that we share the sad news of the passing of a true musical icon, Coco Boudakian.. Tireless leader and founder of Danger Four, the mastermind behind the world-winning and acclaimed “Tribute to the Beatles”, Coco leaves an indelible legacy in the world of music,” says the text shared on social networks.

The writing defines that the musician “was not only an exceptional leader, but also a passionate artist who knew how to capture the very essence of the Beatles’ music and bring it to audiences around the world. With his creativity and dedication, he and his band , Danger Four, brought to life a “Tribute to The Beatles” that not only emulated their music, but also conveyed the energy and magic that the Beatles brought to the world in their day.”

He adds: “His impact is beyond words. Coco Boudakian earned the title of ‘The Father of Tribute Bands’ due to his exceptional contribution to music and the art of paying tribute to great icons. His vision and passion gave rise to Danger Four, a creation that will endure forever, carrying with it the spirit and legacy of its creator.”

Danger Four, the pioneering tribute band of The Beatles

danger four burst onto the scene in 1983 when tribute bands did not yet exist and surprised by recreating the music of The Beatlesnot only respecting each original arrangement, but also using the same instruments, sound equipment and clothing as the famous group.

There Coco could be seen wearing a leather beret and imitating an iconic foot movement that George Harrison used to do in his early years, as a dance.

In our country, danger four He gained a legion of followers from his appearances on the omnibus program “Badia & Company” that led the unforgettable Juan Alberto Badiarenowned fan of the Liverpool band.

Even, already in the `90s, the version of “Twist & Shout” which was used as a musical curtain in “video match”the popular shipment of Marcelo Tinellibelonged to danger four.

Although tribute groups have proliferated in recent times, including those that recreate the music of The Beatles, the Uruguayan band created by Coco maintains the scepter of having been the great pioneer.

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