“Ragnarok”: The end of season 3 ruined everything

“Ragnarok”: The end of season 3 ruined everything

Fans are eagerly awaiting the third and final season of “Ragnarok”. But alongside Norse mythology and the battle between gods and giants, there is also room for disappointment.

It has everything, this third and final season of “Ragnarok”: The funny moments, the sad moments, the bizarre ones – and those that make you angry as a fan.

This time, too, the setting is the fictional Norwegian town of Edda. The protagonists Magne and his half-brother Laurits still go to school, there is also a bit of love and other teenage feelings, typical coming-of-age. (Warning, spoilers are coming!)

But along the way, Magne has to deal with the fact that he is the reincarnation of the Norse god Thor. He’s known that since the first season, but he still can’t really get over it. In the previous season, he forged his hammer in eternal fire.

“Ragnarök”: The current season does not end well

In the new episodes he now has to defend him. Because the family of giants around Saxa, Ran and Fjor Jutul are aiming for the hammer. Even if he passionately ends up in bed with Saxa again and again, as a viewer you can never be sure how they really feel about each other.

His half-brother Laurits (reincarnation of the bad luck god Loki) is also dedicated to a project: the Midgard snake lives in the fjord, which was once his tapeworm. He takes care of them, gets expired food for them. Laurits calls himself “Mom”. And then sentences like: “Mom is very sad today.” “Mama” has every reason to do so, because the ever-growing sea monster is now devouring hikers.

There are also funny moments, but they are in the minority. For example, when Iman (the reincarnation of the Nordic goddess of love Freya) tries to be an influencer and moderator of a love show.

That everything is heading towards the grand finale, Ragnarök, is in the air throughout the season. In mythology, Ragnarök is the final battle between gods and giants. When this is over, the world will be very different.

This fight then takes place in the sixth episode. But instead of forming a crowning conclusion, after the episode you only think: Are you serious? Everything that made the series special is undone by it. The modern interpretation of the Nordic saga, the enlightenment, the joke: all gone. But somehow it is also consistent: after Ragnarök there is nothing before. The world is also completely different for you as a spectator.

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