“Al Rojo Vivo” exhibits 50 years of the work of Renata Schussheim at the Recoleta Cultural Center

“Al Rojo Vivo” exhibits 50 years of the work of Renata Schussheim at the Recoleta Cultural Center

“Red Hot”an exhibition of Renata Schussheim which reconstructs 50 years of the artist’s work, will have a multidisciplinary and transversal approach based on the intersection of plastic, performing and visual arts, music and rock. It will open on September 28 at the Recoleta Cultural Center (CCR) from the city of Buenos Aires.

The exhibition, which will be exhibited in three rooms linked to each other, is defined as “the opening of the archives” of the creator’s work “from a contemporary perspective, inviting a journey with compelling ideas, a sense of humor, suggestion and poetry “It was reported in a statement.

Some milestones of his production linked to rock and the collaborative art that he made together with Charly Garcia, Luis Alberto Spinetta and Federico Moura They will be exhibited in different formats and supports. There will also be videos, drawings, animations, gigantographies, collages, sculptures, corporeal elements and scenographic devices, costumes and costumes from his entire career.

The Cronopios room will contain his plastic work where projected images will be exhibited that coexist with two theatrical myths: the Red Queen, a character from “Alice”, a show of oscar araiz inspired by the tale of lewis carroll; and the Queen of the Night from Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute”, with a staging by Sergio Renán.

Dedicated to theater, opera, musicals, and ballet, Room C will exhibit costumes and costumes that gave life to hundreds of characters from several of the shows in which Renata participated. A dozen costumes of different styles, made throughout her work, form an impressive red army. While room J, dedicated to music, particularly rock, will house a gigantography of the drawing created for the cover of the album “Música del alma”, by Charly García, and a deconstruction of that work that presents extracts from it. Likewise, an unpublished documentary short film will be seen, made with fragments of recitals, interviews and video clips.

The great production of the artist had a leading presence last year, at the Bienal de Arte Joven, where she exhibited the sculpture of a mermaid with red hair, on a platform, facing a landscape of changing nature and in the midst of music. enveloping, integrating the sample of visual arts, which brought together other creators.

Schussheim was also in charge of the visual identity of the Biennale, that is, everything that surrounds it, not only the façade of the building, but also the graphics, posters, flyers and merchandising such as posters or notebooks, a job done together with the designer Martín Gorricho.

This year, in April, it inaugurated “flares”in it Borges Cultural Centerwhere the depth of the sea rises, feeding back the mystery of life with its lights and shadows, as if a dreamlike duality connected the luminous dome of Galerías Pacífico with one of its rooms, in a deep gray, inhabited by curious intervened photographs.

Schussheim develops her work as a draftsman, painter, sculptor, art director and costume designer, and is considered an icon of culture in our country and with international recognition.

Renata Schussheim’s career

Since 1969 he has exhibited individually in the most important art galleries in Argentina and many of his works have been exhibited in Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Paris, Lille, Naples, Torino and Geneva. She illustrates books and publishes in magazines in Buenos Aires and New York. She has been invited to the Nantes Festival where she presented her installation “Homage to Carlos Gardel” and to the Caracas Theater Festival with her exhibition “Confidencial”. Other works of similar magnitude were “Travesía”, “Nave” and “Epifanía”, exhibited at the Recoleta Cultural Center and the National Museum of Fine Arts.

He works with the choreographer and director Oscar Araiz adapting texts, co-directing them or designing the costumes for his pieces. She collaborated with artists like Julio Bocca, Jean-François Casanovas, Mitslav Rostropovich, Lluís Pascual, Sara Baras. She performed and designed shows for Charly Garcia on several occasions, such as “Bicicleta”, “Piano Bar”, “Ferro” and “Líneas Paralelas” at the Teatro Colón.

He also worked on many of the operas directed by the Spanish Emilio Sagi in Spain, France, Portugal and Russia. She has been awarded numerous times with the ACE, Hugo, Florencio Sánchez, Trinidad Guevara, Estrella de Mar, María Guerrero, Platinum Konex and Shakespeare Prizes awarded by the British Embassy and the Romeo Foundation.

“Al Rojo Vivo” can be visited with free admission from Tuesday to Friday from 1:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 11:15 a.m. to 10 p.m., at Recoleta, located at Junín 1930, in the city of Buenos Aires.

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