Elvis Presley gun fetches nearly $200,000 at auction

Elvis Presley gun fetches nearly $200,000 at auction

A revolver from Elvis Presley’s gun collection has been auctioned for almost $200,000.

Elvis Presley memorabilia remain coveted. At an auction, a bidder paid almost $200,000 for a revolver owned by the rock ‘n’ roll legend. it was $199,750 to be exact. The auction house expected proceeds of $60,000, but then a bidding war broke out.

Custom revolver to commemorate America’s 200th anniversary

The gun is a Smith & Wesson Model 53. It is said to have been given to Elvis Presley in 1976, a year before his death. It is a unique object made especially for the musician.

In 1976, the USA celebrated the 200th anniversary of their independence, and the weapon was made for this occasion. “1776-1976” is written in gold on the muzzle. The revolver is decorated with symbols of independence. You can see the famous Liberty Bell and a bald eagle clutching an American flag with the words “The Spirit of 76” written in it.

Elvis Presley is said to have owned over 30 guns – gun license auctioned

Elvis Presley was a gun fanatic, said to have owned over 30 revolvers and even a machine gun. A few have already been auctioned off. A Smith & Wesson 19-2 sold for $195,000, a Colt Python revolver for $172,500. In both cases record prices for the respective model.

Even a , it grossed $81,740. No wonder, since the piece of paper is the only document that shows Presley’s fingerprints. You can hardly get any closer to him. Unless you bid on one of his dental crowns, like this one.

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