Oliver Pocher’s father had a serious stroke

Oliver Pocher’s father had a serious stroke

Oliver Pocher is rarely affectionate and emotional, the comedian mostly fools around. Not so with this topic: His father had a severe stroke.

Together, Oliver and Gerhard Pocher traveled around the world for the popular TV show “Pocher und Papa auf Reisen”. Since 2020, the two have been touring from country to country, accompanied by a camera team. They explored the customs and traditions of the population in Thailand or the USA and thereby amused the German audience. Unfortunately, this series of trips is now coming to an abrupt end, as Oliver Pocher announces in a post on Instagram.

On the occasion of Gerhard Pocher’s birthday, his son shares a collection of the most beautiful photos taken together. On the 74th birthday of the financial accountant from Hanover, Pocher writes: “Today my father is a year older. What a year is behind him. A severe stroke has changed a lot in the last few weeks, but due to the quick and competent help of the doctors and the My father was once again more than lucky with the hospital staff, the work and support of the rehab team and on his birthday he was already sitting at his desk independently and without help doing his beloved financial accounting.”

Oliver Pocher has to end the travel TV show

Gerhard Pocher’s stroke also means the end of the popular television production, “because the strain on the journey is simply too great and it would be too exhausting for my father,” said his son. But the comedian is very grateful for what he has experienced and the many shared experiences.

The 45-year-old lovingly calls him dad in his post and continues to share very thoughtful words with his followers: “I’m still very happy and grateful to have made every trip with my father, because nobody can give us the time and memories anymore and I know that this show has grown very dear to many of you. That’s why I can only give each of you my heartfelt advice, enjoy the time with your family and your parents. You will never come back and fate sometimes strikes faster than we would all like.”

Under the emotional Pocher posting, congratulations and get well wishes for Pocher Senior are piling up. Evelyn Burdecki also writes: “Congratulations and get well soon to your dad”.


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