Michael Oher: NFL star wants to see accounts

Michael Oher: NFL star wants to see accounts

Ex-NFL star Michael Oher’s legal battle with his family over his guardianship is entering the next round.

The former football player Michael Oher (37), whose life story provided the basis for the film “Blind Side – The Great Chance” (2009), demands comprehensive access to the files in the court case against his foster family. , he had three summonses issued yesterday (Tuesday, August 29) through his lawyers, who are legally representing him in the guardianship proceedings. The goal was to get relevant information about his case from the then production company Alcon Entertainment, the talent agency Creative Artists Agency and his former schools in Memphis Shelby County.

The background: In mid-August, Oher sued his foster parents Sean (63) and Leigh Anne Tuohy (63) on the grounds that they had deceived him into taking over his guardianship after he had come of age and made him believe that they had adopted him . In addition, they would have enriched themselves financially by selling the film rights to his life story. Meanwhile, Oher has applied to be released from Tuohy custody.

“Blind Side”: Cash flows should be disclosed

Above all, Michael Oher hopes that the subpoenas will provide more detailed information on money payments made in connection with the film “Blind Side”. In the attorney’s letters, the film production company Alcon Entertainment and the talent agency used by the foster parents are required to provide “all documents and notices” regarding contracts and payments to the Tuohy family related to the film adaptation, book projects and performance fees. In addition, Memphis Shelby County schools have also been asked to provide all records related to Michael Oher’s schooling and guardianship process.

The film “Blind Side: The Great Chance” with Sandra Bullock (59) tells the life story of Oher, who as a black child from broken circumstances found a new home with the white entrepreneurial couple Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy and, thanks to their support, eventually became a star of the American National Football League promotion.

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