“Ragnarok”: What logical explanation is there for the controversial ending

“Ragnarok”: What logical explanation is there for the controversial ending

The end of the Netflix series “Ragnarok” stirs up many fans. But there is a logical explanation for everything that happened in the final episode.

After three seasons, the Netflix series “Ragnarok” is now over, new seasons are not planned. But the season finale has stirred up many fans, some even made them angry. In the eyes of some, it ruins the whole series.

The reason: main character Magne, who turns out to be an unreliable narrator. From novels and series one is mostly used to the fact that the main character is reliable and the facts correspond to the truth. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with “Ragnarök”.

Right from the start, Magne learns that he is the reincarnation of the Norse god Thor. His half-brother Laurits is also associated with Norse mythology, he is said to be Loki, the god of misfortune. In the course of the episodes, other classmates of Magne also learn that they are gods. For example Iman, which is considered the reincarnation of the Nordic goddess of love Freya.

“Ragnarok”: There is an explanation for the end of the series

In addition to the mythology strand, the series also deals with classic coming-of-age themes: love, school stress and typical teenage problems, interspersed with breathtaking nature shots from Norway.

But incidentally, Magne’s psychological problems are also mentioned. And a comic series.

“Already in the first season Magne’s mother explained that her son suffered from paranoid schizophrenia as a child and sought refuge in his Thor comics. He also consumed them more heavily after the death of his girlfriend Isolde in season 1 and they could trigger his madness have”, explains the portal “Film.at”.

However, the theory would also imply that “the plot of three seasons didn’t actually happen”. The portal has therefore found another solution that could perhaps reconcile some fans. One detail speaks against the theory: “In some – apparently imaginary – scenes, Magne wasn’t there at all. Should he have imagined fights between other gods and giants? That’s possible, but unlikely.”

That would mean that only some scenes of the last episode are from Magne’s imagination. The final battle, called “Ragnarok” in mythology, really only took place in his mind. The rest of the series would then be logical.

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