Heike Makatsch: Her last “crime scene” will be on October 8th

Heike Makatsch: Her last “crime scene” will be on October 8th

It’s her last “crime scene”: On October 8, actress Heike Makatsch can be seen again as Commissioner Ellen Berlinger.

On October 8th it’s time to say goodbye: at 8.20 p.m. the last “crime scene” runs on ARD with Heike Makatsch (51) as chief inspector Ellen Berlinger. After that, the Mainz series will be discontinued for cost reasons.

In the last case, entitled “Out of the Dark”, Commissioner Berlinger investigates a dangerous stalker. He has already driven a woman to her death and is now hunting another woman. Inspector Berlinger tries everything to protect her. But then there are indications that the perpetrator may have come from the ranks of the police…

ARD relies on unknown actors

In addition to Heike Makatsch, the actors Andreas Döhler (49) and Ludwig Trepte (35) are in action as their colleagues, Susanne Wuest (43) and Rainer Sellien (59) can be seen in other roles.

The SWR regrets the end of the Mainz “crime scene” with Heike Makatsch. It was an honor to work with her, according to program director Clemens Bratzler (51). “There could not have been a better portrayal of Chief Inspector Ellen Berlinger.”

Makatsch is not the only prominent actress who leaves the “crime scene”. No further episodes are planned with Til Schweiger (59), who has played Commissioner Nick Tschiller in Hamburg’s “Tatort” since 2013. ARD wants to use actresses as new investigators”, as program director Jörg Schönenborn (59) announced in “TV Digital”.

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