Hernán Terranova, former participant of Cuestión de peso, died

Hernán Terranova, former participant of Cuestión de peso, died

Hernan Terranovaformer participant in 2017 of the reality show “Matter of weight” He passed away yesterday at the age of 47.

This television cycle was known because a group of people underwent treatment to try to improve their lifestyle, modifying eating habits and incorporating physical activity, in addition to losing kilos. In turn, the participants competed based on their performance in order to continue in the program.

Although several of them benefited and managed to incorporate healthy habits, others could not cope with obesity.

The death of Hernán Terranova

Newfoundland’s death was reported by Susan Lornaknown as “the fan of Susana Giménez”, who was in the reality contest in the same year as him.

“Lately he had many depression problems, plus his weight situation, he was neglected a lot. He decompensated and a week ago he was hospitalized in a pharmacological coma,” a relative revealed to him.

“His kidneys no longer worked and it was a bit of everything, weight, depression. He fought it until today”added relatives from Newfoundland.

His former partner dedicated a post to him on his Instagram account to fire him, along with a photo with other participants in the program: “Shocked to learn of the departure of my former partner from Cuestión de peso, Hernán. The weight of diseases, already who left after battling obesity and depression and unfortunately couldn’t beat them.


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