Laura Papendick: TV return after a short baby break

Laura Papendick: TV return after a short baby break

Laura Papendick is back from her baby break: On Thursday she will moderate the Eintracht Frankfurt game against PFC Levski Sofia for RTL.

That was fast! RTL sports presenter Laura Papendick (34) and her boyfriend Alexander Hindersmann (34) only became parents of a little boy in June. Now the new mom is returning to TV: on Thursday (August 31) she will present the qualifying second leg for the UEFA Europa Conference League between Eintracht Frankfurt and PFC Levski Sofia. RTL broadcasts live from 8:15 p.m.

About the rapid comeback, Papendick says: “I recovered super quickly after the birth. That surprised me a bit, how quickly I was active again. It was clear to me that I wouldn’t be taking a long baby break.”

The 34-year-old really enjoyed the first few weeks with her son: “I couldn’t have imagined it any better and I love being a mom. We enjoy every moment, and the progress that the little one is already making is incredibly exciting . Every moment is just so special,” she enthuses. Her small family, Papendick continues, is the most important thing in her life: “But I also love my job and I want to continue doing it.”

Baby should go to the stadium too

In order to reconcile child and career, she relies primarily on the support of her partner. She has been with the former “Bachelorette” winner since 2021. “We split everything up so that I can drive to work with a bit of sadness, but with a great feeling,” said Papendick.

Many colleagues have shown that babies and jobs can be easily combined, she continues: “After all, I’m only out on a few days and then I come back home with renewed energy. Sometimes we’ll travel as a family. If I were to miss a lot, I would I don’t do it.”

She would definitely like to take her little son to the stadium with her: “We are a football-loving family and our little man will probably pick that up quickly. After all, he’s been to more stadiums than many others in his stomach.”

Source: Stern

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