Bill and Tom Kaulitz as “Tatort” commissioners ?: “Would really like it”

Bill and Tom Kaulitz as “Tatort” commissioners ?: “Would really like it”

Bill and Tom Kaulitz have shown interest in acting in an interview. They were particularly taken with the “crime scene”.

Bill and Tom Kaulitz (both 33) would like to be “Tatort” stars. In a new interview with “TV Digital” (EVT: September 1st), Bill Kaulitz explained that the twins always wanted to be police officers. “Since that’s no longer possible in real life, we think we could at least try it on TV. Tom and I would like to play ‘Tatort’ commissioners. We would be there in a heartbeat,” said the Tokio Hotel singer.

Even if it doesn’t work out as a new investigator, the Bremen “crime scene” might one day bring them in for a special case. “My friend Jasna Fritzi Bauer is playing there. We would really like that.” Bill Kaulitz was with the actress in the spring of 2023 on the show “Who is stealing the show from me?” by Joko Winterscheidt (44).

Bill and Tom Kaulitz about their plans for 2024

In the interview, the Kaulitz brothers also talked about their new job as coaches at “The Voice of Germany” (season starts on September 21). “We want to help our talent deal with the pressure and ruthlessness of the music industry by trying to build a friendly relationship with them and giving them a lot,” said Bill Kaulitz. They want to convey to the participants “that people like us, who really get on the ball all the time and everywhere, still have fun and sometimes let criticism bounce off us because we have good people around us”.

The two are planning a tour of Latin America with their band Tokio Hotel next year. “And a bigger Germany tour or another European tour,” said the duo. “Also, we’ll probably be working on a new Tokio Hotel album in 2024.” But fans can still look forward to new music this year as they release songs together with other artists. If German fans long for the brothers to return to Germany, they will be disappointed. Tom Kaulitz emphasized: “We love Los Angeles, this is our home. Moving again is not on our list.”

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