Wellness getaways: ideal destinations to meet nature and yourself

Wellness getaways: ideal destinations to meet nature and yourself

In endless days of anxiety and hyperconnection, chascomús and Dark make up the perfect haven to turn off the autopilot, meet nature and enter a state of physical and spiritual harmony through the meditationthe dance therapythe ayurvedic nutritionhe Tai Chi and the reikiamong other holistic practices that integrate physical, emotional and mental aspects. I know more about these ideal destinations to make a escape.

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water and tranquility

In chascomús, be lagoon proposes to live a wellness experience during september in The cranea complex of cabins surrounded by trees, birds and farm animals.

Perla CalderonNational Tourism Guide Events Coordinator, and Maria Jose Noya, a yoga teacher and eutonist, carry out this initiative that also includes reikists, shiatsu masseurs, tai chi and chi kung instructors; and professionals related to oriental medicine.

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Ser Laguna, Chascomús

“My yoga teacher and I put together this proposal so that those people who are full with the routine they can connect with themselves and nature. For this reason it occurred to me to frame this product within wellness tourism”, he explained calderon.

According to the program of the meeting, which will include conscious and healthy eatingthe first day will begin with the welcome circle and will continue with a practice of yogalunch, introductory talk to ayurveda, snack, dance therapy and dinner. In turn, there will be breakfast, classes of Tai Chi, reiki and farewell circle.

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Ser Laguna, Chascomús

The rooms will be shared and the collective activities will last an hour and a half each. “To personalize the practices, we established a maximum quota of 20 attendees,” said the guide of Tourism. In addition, they will contemplate optional proposals such as shiatsu massages, reflexology, tarot and natal chart.

“It’s about a new tourist product and our goal is to install chascomús within the tourism segment of welfare”, he concluded.



Walks and forest baths

The municipal reserve the oaks In the town of The grillgame of Darkis the ideal scenery for ancestral rituals and body connection through the yogathe meditation and the forest baths.

Every year it takes place Moreno Zena holistic festival of therapies, workshops, fairs and talkswith practices of reiki, biodanza and healing with bowls.

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Los Robles Municipal Reserve, Municipality of Moreno

One of the memorable activities are the forest bathing -Shinrin Yoku-, the Japanese technique for improve health, achieve happiness and well-being from immersing yourself in the leafy grove of the reserve and opening your senses to sensations and sounds.

In addition, every full moon weekend, there are walks guided by the paths that border the lake san franciscoof the Roggero Dam Protected Natural Area. It is a immersion experience in the environment of the wetland and the grassland that ends on the shores of the lake with a unforgettable postcard.

The guided with poetry and music they are unmissable. They seek to show, from a sensitive experience, what the original landscape of the pampean region.

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Los Robles Municipal Reserve, Municipality of Moreno

“People who participate in the proposals highlight the connection with the environmentthe dedication and commitment with which they are shared, the state of calm and well-being that they produce, the surprise and astonishment for the biodiversity that exists in the place a few kilometers from the city”, indicated from the Local Ministry of Tourism.

Those who attend the reserve to find calm and quiet in nature They come from Buenos Aires districts such as Quilmes, Lomas de Zamora, Merlo, General Rodríguez and San Migueland also from different neighborhoods of Federal capital.

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