What Silvina Luna died of

What Silvina Luna died of
August 31, 2023 – 2:33 p.m.

Luna, who rose to fame in 2001 when she was part of the second edition of the popular reality show “Big Brother.”

The actress and modelSilvina Luna died today at the age of 43 at the Italian Hospital in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Almagro, where she had been hospitalized since June 13, as a result of a worsening of her state of health as a result of malpractice by the plastic surgeon Hannibal Lotockiwhich in 2011 caused methacrylate poisoning that caused hypercalcemia and kidney failure.

The news was confirmed by the Argentine Association of Actors, which in a publication on its official accounts dismissed the artist “with deep sadness” and sent its condolences “to her family and loved ones at this time of great pain.”

Luna, who rose to fame in 2001 when she was part of the second edition of the popular “reality” show “Big Brother”, had entered the health center to be treated for a bacterium that prevented her from being fit for a kidney transplant. It is that, according to what she herself recounted months ago on her social networks, her condition required her to undergo dialysis regularly several times a week.

The cause of death of Silvina Luna and her last days

When she was admitted to the Italian Hospital at the beginning of June, the model left a message in which she said that “a new path to transplantation” was beginning: “For now everything is perfect. I’m happy with that. I’ve already started another path that has me excited, which is the way to combat this bacteria”, he had asserted.

However, an exacerbation of her condition and a general weakening led the professionals who cared for her to sedate and intubate her with the idea of ​​stabilizing her body and continuing her preparation for the transplant, although the measures were effective only circumstantially.

Although they were able to withdraw respiratory assistance and wake her up days later, her condition, which later added an infection with Covid-19 and then another bacterium, had a progressive deterioration until in the last hours it became irreversible. The family’s decision was to disconnect her and put an end to her suffering.

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