The death of Silvina Luna: Lotocki’s victims who denounced him for malpractice

The death of Silvina Luna: Lotocki’s victims who denounced him for malpractice
August 31, 2023 – 15:02

After the death of the 43-year-old model, the names of other people who were affected by the surgeon reappear.

The news of death of Silvina Luna shocked the world of entertainment, not only because it was a young woman, but for putting her doctor in the eye of the storm again Hannibal Lotocki. In mid-2010, she underwent a buttock augmentation surgery in his clinic, and years later discovered that he suffered from a methacrylate poisoning that caused a picture of hypercalcemia and real insufficiency.

The plastic surgeon (who practiced without registration) has a long list of patients who reported it publicly and judicially for malpractice. In addition to various complaints about the poor conditions in which they were left after the surgeries, Luna’s not the first death with which Lotocki carries, who only in July was disqualified from practicing medicine.


Silvina Luna had been hospitalized for three months.

Silvina Luna She had been hospitalized for three months.

Lotocki’s victims

Pamela Sosa

The model was Lotocki’s ex-partner for eight years, between 2006 and 2014. At first, she defended him against the accusations, until in 2015 she herself initiated legal action against him for injections that caused him diabetes and granulomas. “I have oil inside my body, because it’s worth two mangoes and Lotocki the only thing that matters is money”, he assured on one occasion.

Gabriela Trenchi

The woman suffered the same infection as Luna, since the doctor he also injected methacrylate. Like the model, it caused serious kidney damagewhich led her to have drainage and dialysis treatments.


Christian Zarate

The entrepreneur is the first fatality that the doctor was known, since in 2021 he died as a result of his interventions. He was 50 years old, and he approached Lotocki about removing fat and an abdominal hernia. The operation was carried out in a Caballito clinic -where Lotocki rented an operating room-, and the victim died hours after a cardio-respiratory arrest.

Fran Mariano

The ex-participant of Matter of weight reported the doctor for inject things into you without your consentin addition to using products in poor condition, which caused permanent inflammation on his face.


Virginia Gallardo

The model underwent surgery Lifting buttocks with Lotocki in 2008. Years later, he recounted the suffering he experiences day after day, with strong pains in the area, because what he injected hardened inside his body.

Mariano Caprarola

The last fatality who met before Luna was the 49-year-old fashion consultant, who also suffered from kidney problems due to hypercalcemia due to methacrylate poisoning.”I know who protects him. If I say it, something will happen to me,” Caprarola had said during an interview.

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