Andreas Kieling: He is surprised by the “7 vs. Wild” allegations

Andreas Kieling: He is surprised by the “7 vs. Wild” allegations

After allegations against him, Andreas Kieling will not appear in “7 vs. Wild”. That’s what his lawyer says about the matter.

The German animal filmmaker Andreas Kieling (63) should have taken part in the upcoming third season of the YouTube survival hit “7 vs. Wild” by Fritz Meinecke (34). However, after an alleged “border crossing”, Kieling was replaced with another candidate. The exact reason is not known. But Kieling’s lawyer has now commented on the situation.

Lawyer rejects the allegations against Kieling

“We reject the unfounded and vague allegations against my client,” explains Kielings. “At no time did my client cross borders or encroach on them. The vague allegations and insinuations, which give rise to a wide range of speculation, are inaccurate.”

A story on the show’s Instagram account previously shared: “Due to an incident between Ann-Kathrin Bendixen (Monkey on Bike) and Andreas Kieling during the prep phase in Canada, before the contestants were suspended, we decided to continue with Andreas Not letting Kieling take part in the third season of ‘7 vs Wild’.” There was also talk of “crossing borders that we didn’t want to and couldn’t tolerate”.

“That’s the end of the matter for me at the moment.”

Bendixen had also spoken in an Instagram story. It was “a very uncomfortable crossing of borders for me”. The production immediately excluded the 63-year-old from shooting. And further: “Andreas then apologized to me for the incident, so the topic is currently over for me.”

“Andreas Kieling is surprised by the allegations,” his lawyer continues. “Due to her vagueness and the statement by Ann-Kathrin Bendixen, who has ticked off the subject for herself, he also sees the subject as settled.” The wildlife filmmaker now wants to focus on other projects.

According to Giesen, his client danced with Bendixen in the gastro area of ​​a gas station on the way to the shoot. There were also other dancing couples. The mood was therefore “in anticipation of the production” and what happened on the dance floor was observed by about ten people belonging to the production.

Actually, Kieling should compete with Joey Kelly (50). The musician and sportsman finally got together with Jan Lange. The third season of “7 vs. Wild” is expected to be shown from November.

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