Shirt jacket trends 2023: How do I style the shaket correctly?

Shirt jacket trends 2023: How do I style the shaket correctly?

The shirt jacket is currently more popular than ever. We reveal which models are particularly popular and how to stage and combine the shaket correctly.

There are fashion trends that suddenly appear but disappear just as quickly. The shaket, i.e. the mix of shirt and jacket, is another trend that popped up quite quickly – but will certainly remain so for a long time to come. Because: The shirt jacket is not only super casual and can be combined in many ways, but is also available for every season.

Shirt jacket fashion trend: what is the shaket?

The , the shaket, is more than a simple shirt. It is the Mix of shirt and jacket. In most cases it is longer and thicker than a shirt. It usually does not have a zipper or belt, but can only be buttoned. It is usually worn casually open anyway. There are the in so many variants that there is a suitable one for almost everyone.

A long model is worthwhile for tall women or men. This can be worn oversized and combined with a scarf and a beanie as well as jeans and cool boots on colder days. A shorter model is better for shorter wearers. If you like it cooler, you can go for the oversized model, if you like to combine it more elegantly, you can choose a shaket that fits tight. The shirt jacket is also available in different materials, which can also be styled very differently: leather, jeans, corduroy, imitation lambskin or cotton. Above all, the between-seasons jackets are practical: the lined version is ideal for autumn and winter, unlined perfect for spring and summer.

How do I style the shirt jacket?

The shirt jacket is a particularly cool it-piece that can be worn either as a style break element or is suitable for the casual street style look. Means: It goes well with a dress, tights and ankle boots to make a chic look a little more casual and to provide a contrast. It sets a great accent with fishnet tights, boots and a plain dress. A model made of leather or a single-colored fabric model goes well with the dress-tights combo. If you like it more conspicuous, you can grab a shirt jacket with a print that immediately becomes an eye-catcher.

For men, the shaket can also be worn with a combination of suit trousers, shirt and lace-ups or boots. A shirt jacket with a checked pattern in nude tones sets a casual yet chic accent.

But you can also use the shirt jacket to show off your street style even more nonchalance to rent. The between-seasons jackets also go very well with mom or slouchy jeans, chunky boots and oversized pullovers and blend in with the overall look without getting lost or attracting too much attention. In the lined version and with a scarf, the shaket creates a cozy winter look.

Particularly trendy shaket models

If you really want to attract attention with the Shaket trend piece, it’s best to go for the checked version. Then the shirt jacket looks particularly casual and catches the eye. But models made of (artificial) leather are also very trendy at the moment, as is a lined model made of imitation lambskin. If you combine the whole thing with chunky boots, a scarf and a beanie, the cool winter look is complete.

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