Helene Fischer: Why she never talks about her family

Helene Fischer: Why she never talks about her family

Helene Fischer is Germany’s hit queen. She rarely talks about her private life. Now she reveals why.

After her summer break, Helene Fischer (39) is currently back on stage for her big “Rausch” tour. In a few days we will go to Vienna, then on to Zurich or Munich, among other places. In a new interview, the hit queen reveals, among other things, how she spent her free time. She also talks about her private life and family – and why she keeps both of them out of the public eye for the most part.

Only a small scar remains

During a number on the trapeze, Helene Fischer injured her face a few weeks ago during a concert in Hanover. “Apart from a small scar that remains as a memory, I was able to recover very well during the summer break,” she says now. The break was “just right because I needed a moment to sort myself and process what happened”. Today she is fine again.

How she spent the break also shows how much Fischer remained privately down to earth: “I enjoyed just doing nothing at all. During this time I was at home a lot and devoted myself to my loved ones.”

Helene Fischer cooks and takes care of the family

“I don’t think many people can imagine how normal my life actually is. I do the housework, cook, I’m there for my family,” the singer continues. The 39-year-old also talks about why she never really says much about her private life. “On the one hand it has to do with the fact that I don’t take myself too seriously and see no reason to have to be in the media everywhere,” she says. “On the other hand, my family is the most sacred thing I have – and of course I protect what is important to me.”

Maybe Fischer will tell more about herself and her loved ones in the future. The world and you too are changing. “So far I’m not ready to reveal more about myself. But it’s also possible that I might change my mind in a few years […].”

“The Helene Fischer Show” returns

Helene Fischer is not only on the road with her tour, “The Helene Fischer Show” will also be there again this year. “Hopefully we will see each other recording the show on December 1st and 2nd, 2023 in the exhibition hall in Düsseldorf,” writes the singer. Tickets for this are available exclusively from Ticketmaster Germany from September 6th. Due to the pandemic, “The Helene Fischer Show” was last broadcast in 2019.

Source: Stern

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