Royals: Swedish King Silvia visiting Brandenburg

Royals: Swedish King Silvia visiting Brandenburg

Queen Silvia of Sweden has been helping people with dementia for two decades. She pays a visit to the city of Forst in Brandenburg for the official opening of a new residential complex.

Queen Silvia of Sweden officially opened a residential complex for dementia patients in the town of Forst in Brandenburg. Hundreds of residents had come downtown on Friday to greet the majesty from the north. Many pulled out their cell phones and waved little Swedish flags to the monarch.

“Every person is unique, even with dementia,” said the Swedish Queen in her speech. Silvia has been personally committed to helping people with this disease for decades. In 1996 she created the Silviahemmet Foundation, which provides information about dementia.

The residential complex for people with dementia is part of a pilot project that is unique in Germany. A regional supply network has been created there. A prefabricated building was renovated for the residential complex and equipped with technology so that people with dementia can also live there. Two shared apartments have up to ten places each. The first WG started in November 2022, the second will be occupied this month.

Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) was convinced that the project would serve as a role model for Germany. He wishes that many other institutions would follow Forster’s example.

Around 1.7 million people with various forms of dementia are currently living in Germany, and around 330,000 people are newly diagnosed in Germany every year.

Source: Stern

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