Lotocki’s outrageous statement after the death of Silvina Luna

Lotocki’s outrageous statement after the death of Silvina Luna

This Friday the surgeon broke the silence and spoke for the first time publicly since Luna’s death. Patricia Mirasola, producer of good morning, the program hosted by Fabian Doman in El Trece, he communicated with Lotocki by Whatsapp and read the doctor’s responses on the air after being consulted about the death of another of his victims.

“I already said everything what i had to say anyway possible no one wants to listen so i won’t talk for now“, expressed Lotocki. He also assured that his lawyer will speak publicly in the next few hours:”Doctor Lombardo says she’s going to talk, but I don’t know what time“.

Upon hearing this message, Doman became angry with the doctor, noting: “Shouldn’t Lotocki, in his message to Mirasola, include even a few words of regret or concern for the death of Silvina Luna?” he said indignantly.

Lotocki’s legal representative had said yesterday, minutes after Luna’s death, that this fact would not affect the judicial situation of her client and noted that they found no “causal link” between the surgeries and the deaths of the patients.

In addition, he declared in dialogue with Télam that He will ask for Luna’s “medical history” to “find out what was the process” that ended his life.

What is the judicial situation of Lotocki

In addition to Silvina Luna, Lotocki He is also charged as the cause of the death of Mariano Caprarola and it is expected that the National Criminal Cassation Chamber will review his sentence of four years in prison and five years of disqualification from practicing medicine which is not firm yet.

This Thursday, after the death of Luna, they indicated that the accusation and the sentence against Lotocki could be aggravated. The procedure would involve the accusers asking for a rating change. Also, the doctor mockingplaintiff attorney, He assured that he will reiterate the request for the doctor’s arrest.

Silvina Luna and Mariano Caprarola were not the only victims of the surgeon. Some figures from the show who denounced that they were injected with the toxic substance methacrylate were Gabriela Trenchi, Stefanía Xipolitakis and Pamela Sosa, among others.

It also has prosecution for the death of another patient who is being investigated in the first instance.

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