Funny snap: Tom Holland celebrates his girlfriend Zendaya

Funny snap: Tom Holland celebrates his girlfriend Zendaya

So the fans can celebrate too: Tom Holland congratulated his girlfriend Zendaya on her birthday – with a very special picture.

Tom Holland (27) publicly wished his girlfriend Zendaya a happy birthday. The actress turned 27 on September 1st. Holland made sure that fans of the celebrity couple also had reason to be happy. a snapshot from a snorkeling trip.

“My Birthday Boy”

In the picture, Zendaya is barely recognizable with a diving mask and snorkel on her face. Dressed in a purple and black wetsuit, she shows the “thumbs up” sign while sitting on a boat. The actor wrote, “My birthday boy,” and placed a heart-shaped eye emoji at the bottom of the image.

He also provided the second picture that Tom Holland posted with three of the emojis. It shows the actress from behind while walking through a park. Two dogs are also part of the party.

“You can’t hide”

about the public interest in their relationship. “I accept that parts of my life will be public,” she said. “But I also have control over what I share,” she continued. The actress also explained, “You can’t hide. It’s not fun either. I’m navigating this now more than ever.”

The first rumors about a relationship between the two acting stars Tom Holland and Zendaya came up six years ago. After they filmed the movie ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ (2017) – in which Holland played Peter Parker and Zendaya played his classmate Michelle – there was speculation. The two denied the love rumors at the time and explained in interviews that they were just “friends”… Since autumn 2021, the two are said to be officially a couple. However, they keep their relationship largely out of the public eye.

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