After a sports accident: Chancellor Olaf Scholz with an eye patch and humor

After a sports accident: Chancellor Olaf Scholz with an eye patch and humor

Olaf Scholz revealed the consequences of his sports accident with a surprising picture: the chancellor is currently wearing an eye patch.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (65) published a first photo after his sports accident. The chancellor’s right eye is covered with a black eye patch, and abrasions can be seen all around and down to the chin on the right side of the SPD politician’s face.

In the caption, Scholz not only reassures the Germans and thanks them for their sympathy, but also demonstrates the ability to laugh at themselves: “Who has the damage … I’m curious about the memes. Thanks for the good wishes, looks worse out than it is!” In addition to numerous wishes for recovery, there are also some of the expected jokes in the comment area. For example, the question of whether Scholz has now switched to the pirate party or is the German answer to “Avengers” boss Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson, 74).

incident last weekend

The first reports about the injuries that Scholz is said to have sustained while jogging made the rounds last weekend. “Unfortunately, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has to cancel his appointments in Hesse this Sunday after a small sports accident,” a government spokeswoman was quoted as saying. He said he “fell while jogging and got bruises on his face. His appointments in the coming week will not be affected”.

One of the plans for next Tuesday (September 5) is for the Federal Chancellor to take part in the opening event of the International Motor Show in Munich.

Olaf Scholz came to sport through his wife Britta Ernst (62), to whom he has been married since 1998. When he was around 40 years old, she told him that he had to do something and that he was “very grateful” to her for that, he once revealed during a “Brigitte live” performance.

Source: Stern

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