Hair powder: beauty tips for more shine and volume

Hair powder: beauty tips for more shine and volume

Women with straight hair know those days when the hairstyle doesn’t want to sit properly – and every strand just hangs limp. To get more volume and fullness into the mane, hair powder should be a practical tool.

Unlike dry shampoo, which comes in spray bottles, hair powder is a loose (white) powder. It is filled in cans and can be worked directly into the dry mane through the small holes in the lid. This should make hair easier to grip, get more hold and give a hairstyle more fullness – i.e. volume. This is made possible by the microparticles it contains, which are intended to provide a kind of push-up effect. In this article we have summarized what other advantages hair powder has to offer, how it is used correctly and how it is removed again.

Hair powder offers these advantages

In addition to the benefits already mentioned (including more volume and fullness), the beauty gadget is said to have even more positive properties:

  1. Similar to hairspray, the powder is intended to give the hair more stability, so that hairstyles sit longer and better – without getting out of shape.
  2. Most products contain clay or silica that absorbs excess sebum and counteracts a greasy roots.
  3. Hair powder should also provide more structure and grip, i.e. hairstyles succeed faster and easier after use.

DIY: Use hair powder correctly

As mentioned at the beginning, it is loose powder that is worked into dry hair before styling – either all over or only on specific areas. Depending on where it is to have its effect. To do this, apply a small amount directly to the roots along the parting and massage the powder into the hair with your fingers. Then you can start styling. To restore volume, all you have to do is shake up your hairstyle every so often throughout the day.

Depending on the hairstyle, the following tips are recommended for use:

  • If you like wearing a bun, you should work the powder into the ends. This makes the hair more manageable and easier to style. In addition, hair clips hold better.
  • If you like braiding your hair, you can rub some hair powder between your hands and massage it into the lengths – this also gives your mane more structure so that it is easier to tame.

Remove hair powder: this is how it works

Unlike a dry shampoo, which automatically loses its effectiveness as the day goes on, is significantly more persistent. To prevent your mane from being completely knotted or stuck together in the morning, you should remove the product before going to bed. You have two options for this:

Either you take an ordinary brush and comb your hair thoroughly to remove any residue. And this until you feel that your mane no longer has any volume.

Or you can simply wash your hair to remove the hair powder from your scalp, lengths and ends. Use a deep cleansing product to wash any residue from the roots.

Important to know: Conversely, this also means for your styling: Do not brush your hair after use, as you will otherwise comb out again and negate the effect.

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