Silvina Luna’s autopsy finished: “A lot of material could be extracted”

Silvina Luna’s autopsy finished: “A lot of material could be extracted”

The autopsy on the body of Silvina Luna in the judicial morgue five days after the death of the model. The procedure will seek to answer what were the causes of her death and if there was malpractice on the part of Hannibal Lotocki.

Fernando Burlando, a lawyer for the Luna family, gave details of what they found. “They removed a lot of material, from the buttocks and from the legs. There was a lot of material behind the knees. heavy stuff. In the sciatic I also had parts of this hard material like stones“, assured the lawyer.

“The preservation of the kidneys and other organs was carried out and a lot of material was extracted that was timely injected into Silvina, which will be the reason for expertise,” added Burlando, who represented Luna in the trial that concluded last year with the doctor’s conviction. Aníbal Lotocki to four years in prison on hold and five years of disqualification for “serious injuries” to the detriment of his client, Stefy Xipolitakis, Gabriela Trenchi and Pamela Sosa.

According to Burlando, the death of his defendant warranted the presentation of “a new complaint” by the family, in which his brother Ezequiel Matías Luna was established as a private complainant and requested that “the person responsible be punished with the legal maximum.” .

Silvina left without having a response from the justice, they spent many years litigating. We have a justice that does not put itself in the place of the victims at any time, we are going to give them the opportunity to claim their claim and carry out a serious investigation,” said the lawyer.


On the other hand, the trial judge Louis Schlegel authorized Silvina’s relatives to witness the autopsy from a “porthole” outside the operating room.

It is on the recommendation of the Director of the Forensic Medical Corps to the judge and he made it known to the young woman’s family.

The authorization is specifically to Ezequiel Matias Lunathe brother of the actress who died last week, and it is to follow the autopsy from outside the operating room and through a “porthole”.

“The thanatologist is required to carry out the autopsy, the extraction and reservation of a triple set of samples of hair and vitreous humor to eventually be subjected to subsequent expertise,” the court ordered.

On the other hand, he did not make room for the filming and repaired the scars that the young woman had on her body.

After the autopsy, the Justice will investigate whether the death of Silvina Luna is related to the cosmetic surgery that was done with Hannibal Lotocki years ago.

Lotocki’s defense says he cannot be charged with the death of Silvina Luna

The doctor’s defense stated that he cannot be charged with the death of the actress. Three different courts are evaluating Lotocki’s conduct in light of the alleged “new event” (Silvina Luna’s death) as a probable consequence of medical malpractice.

“The invocation of a new fact is not in accordance with the law and the party already knew at the time of the debate everything related to the product and Luna’s health. Therefore, his death cannot be invoked as a new fact”maintained the defense of the doctor.

Through a writing signed by one of his lawyers, Diego Javier Szpigielthe doctor recalled that in the trial in which he was sentenced to four years in prison for “injuries” against four patients -including Silvina Luna- only the star’s appeal is valid Pamela Sosa.

“Based on this, the prosecutor will only be able to argue if he so wishes as the accusing party, issues that are related to that appeal filed by Sosa, given that his fate has already been sealed with respect to the accusation of the other parties,” the letter states.

The lawyer insisted that the prosecutor Sandro Abraldeswho requested the preservation of the body of the actress, “nothing can be argued in this instance regarding the recourse of Silvina Luna. And the court can decide nothing that harms Lotocki in that sense.”

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