Celine Dion: “Strong” in the fight against stiff person syndrome

Celine Dion: “Strong” in the fight against stiff person syndrome

Fighting Stiff Person Syndrome: According to her sister, Celine Dion can’t be beat.

Celine Dion (55) does not give up. The singer continues to bravely battle stiff person syndrome. “She’s doing everything to get well again,” said her older sister Claudette (74) recently. “She is a strong woman”. Celine Dion made her illness public at the end of 2022 – and promised to work hard for her recovery. The Canadian had to temporarily cancel her tour until spring 2024.

“There is little we can do”

Stiff person syndrome causes muscle spasms in stressful situations. Claudette Dion compared these spasms with night cramps in the legs, which probably everyone knows. But they appear all over her sister’s body. “There is little we can do to support them, to ease their pain,” said Claudette Dion.

Little is known about stiff person syndrome, she added. “We’re keeping our fingers crossed that researchers will find a cure for this terrible disease.”

Celine Dion’s fans also keep their fingers crossed for their idol, as their sister knows: “They love Celine, not just for their voice, but for the person that they are.”

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