Lipstick Trends 2023: These colors are hip now

Lipstick Trends 2023: These colors are hip now

Subtle, eye-catching, glossy or matte: which lipstick trends will dominate in 2023? And how do you actually make it more durable? We have all the relevant information.

As the beauty trends have already revealed, the make-up look has been going in a more natural direction for some time now – also when it comes to the lipstick trends 2023. Nevertheless, the flashier variants should not be missing. So that there is something for everyone. We’ll tell you which colors and textures are popular and how you can make lipstick last longer.

1. Lipstick trend: rosé

The first of the three big lipstick trends is particularly natural and easy to combine: Rosé is one of the trends in 2023 and is airy, casual and light. The delicate tone goes with almost every skin and hair tone and gives the lips freshness and color without being obtrusive. He looks particularly alive or a glossy lipstick, the matte variant is less popular here. Incidentally, the rosé tone can also be found in the rest of the make-up, for example as eye shadow or rouge.

2. Lipstick trend: magenta

Contrary to the delicate rosé trend is the second popular color of 2023: . This shade is more unusual, eye-catching and a little more difficult to combine, but definitely cool and casual. It works best in a light texture, such as a lip gloss. “Viva Magenta” is the Pantone color of the year 2023 and can therefore also be found on the lips. This trend works great with an otherwise more natural look and some shine, like a highlighter on the cheeks.

3. Lipstick trend: cherry red

In the lipstick trends, however, an absolute classic should not be missing: . The eye-catching color is also easy to combine and flatters many skin tones. You can use the lipstick either as an eye-catcher or as part of a more opulent evening make-up with smokey eyes and a striking overall look. Here the lipstick can either be worn matt and therefore more for an evening look or looser as a gloss or in the creamy version for an eye-catching look during the day.

Apply lipstick correctly

Especially when the lipstick of your choice is a bit more conspicuous, it is unsightly if it was applied improperly. The best way to do this is: One , so that the lips are not too dry. With a matching color you can outline the lips neatly. It is best to start in the middle of the lips and work your way carefully to the corners of the mouth. At the end you can also fill in your lips with the lip liner. Because: This way the lipstick or lip gloss lasts longer. That follows at the end – from the middle to the corners of the mouth. Either with the help of a brush or skilfully “free hand”. If you want, you can still do the whole thing with one fix so that the look really lasts all day.

More tips:

  • After applying the lipstick, it is recommended to put your index finger between your lips, press them together and pull it out. This way you can be sure that no paint ends up on your teeth.
  • After makeup has been removed, a lip scrub is helpful to remove any residue and keep the lips soft. A lip balm afterwards is also a good idea.

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