The serious effect of hearing loss on the brain

The serious effect of hearing loss on the brain
September 5, 2023 – 12:16

People with hearing loss experience a decline in their cognitive abilities about 40% faster than those who hear without difficulty.

The hearing loss or hearing impairment represents a prevalent condition in the populationaffects around 360 million people around the world, determining different levels of disability that go from the physical aspect to the social and psychological.

It is very common in older adults, and this affects their difficulty in understanding and following conversations in their daily lives, in their social environment. This makes it frustrating, it can even be dangerous, they lose their capacity for self-sufficiency and begin to isolate themselves, generating a deficiency in their quality of life. Approximately one third of people over the age of 65 have disabling hearing loss, and one theory is that “if the brain spends extra resources trying to hear what is going on, it probably takes resources away from other parts of the brain, such as thinking and hearing.” memory”.

In itself, old age is a stage in which cognitive problems arise due to the physiological wear and tear of aging, but this can and has been proven to be further aggravated when hearing loss occurs. Mainly, because the speed with which information can be processed, memory, is affected. It has been proven that hearing losses can be mild, moderate, severe, with different levels, and also depending on this, they can generate possibilities of developing dementia.

According to the WHO, 90% of hearing problems in the world are not receiving treatment. For this reason, Lic. María Agustina Leiro from the GAES Amplifón team mentions that “it is a very high figure taking into account that these problems could be solved as soon as the first symptoms appear, in a simple way, such as by going to a hearing specialist”. .

The correct use of hearing aids can help alleviate the early onset of cognitive diseases, since thanks to their use a person can once again hear all the sounds that they had stopped perceiving due to their hearing loss. For this reason, going to a specialist as soon as possible ensures that ear stimulation is correct and that the brain remains healthy and active, allowing the person to communicate with the world around us without any type of problem or deficiency.

Degree in Speech Therapy from the GAES Amplifón team (Registration 8343)

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