After rumors of a marriage crisis: Joe Jonas continues to show himself with a wedding ring

After rumors of a marriage crisis: Joe Jonas continues to show himself with a wedding ring

Despite rumors of an imminent marriage to “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas continues to show off his wedding ring.

Are there any rumors about an upcoming divorce from Jonas Brothers singer Joe Jonas (34) and actress Sophie Turner (27)? At least the musician has demonstratively held his golden wedding ring up to the camera on various occasions in the past few days…

Just two days ago, an imminent divorce of the couple indicated. According to the report, the singer of the pop band Jonas Brothers has already contacted divorce lawyers and is about to file the relevant divorce papers. Several unnamed sources are said to have reported “serious problems” in the relationship of the celebrity couple, who have been married since 2019. In addition, the singer has recently been spotted in public without a wedding ring on his finger.

With a wedding ring at the concert and on Instagram

So far, there has been no comment on these rumors from the allegedly broken-up spouses. However, Joe Jonas caused a stir in the past two days with two gestures that can be read as a demonstrative denial of the rumors. At a concert of his band on September 3rd in Austin, he wore the golden ring again clearly visible on his hand, . Yesterday’s Monday appears even clearer. There he published a casual black and white photo of himself without comment, in which the wedding ring prominently catches the eye.

The popular actress and singer have been dating since 2016, and their engagement in 2017 was followed by a glamorous Las Vegas wedding two years later. In July 2020 their first daughter Willa was born, another daughter was born two years later, in July 2022.

Numerous relationships with super celebrities

Joe Jonas has made headlines in the past for his relationships with prominent female artists. In 2008 he was in a relationship with superstar Taylor Swift (33), followed by relationships with actresses Camilla Belle (36) and Ashley Greene (36), singer Demi Lovato (31) and model Gigi Hadid (28).

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