The sale of Silvina Luna’s book increased: where can you get it

The sale of Silvina Luna’s book increased: where can you get it
September 5, 2023 – 15:28

The actress and model had written about the health problems she suffered for years as a result of the aesthetic operation performed by Aníbal Lotocki.

The death of theactress and model Silvina Luna renewed the discussion on the bad practice from the doctor Hannibal Lotockiwho is accused of applying methacrylate, a prohibited substance that is often used for dental pieces.

Months before the terrible outcome, Rosario had published his first bookwhich he titled “simple and conscious“. There he recounted his radical life change, in which he opted for the path of meditation, calm and faith. In addition, he related how he was to find out about his illness and start living with his diagnosis.


Silvina Luna next to her book.

Silvina Luna next to his book.

With the news of his deathone of the fragments of the post went viral. Months ago, the journalist brito angel he had read on his LAM program a passage from the book that Luna gave him. “The day I was diagnosed, I got in my car, at that time I was living in Mexico, and I still i can’t remember what happened in those two hours after I left the clinic. I was awakened from that trance by a call from a worried friend because I was not answering the phone. (…) After a long time I began to wonder what was my vocationwhat meaning my life had and there I began to accept everything, ”Silvina wrote.

On the seriousness of the situation, he added: “The first doctor who treated me asked me what I liked the most in life and I answered that the beach and the sea, and he told me to enjoy it. I went to surgery but always kept the prognosis that I had a few months left of life. I believed that and I continued to believe it. I think that I have x number of months left and that’s how I live”.

Where to get Silvina Luna’s book and how much does it cost?

The book, published in 2022 by the Vergara publishing house, It is sold out in the main bookstores in the country. In the Web page Search Book appears for $4409 and in Penguin Books It is sold in e-book and paperback format at $3,280 and $5,999.

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