Lali Espósito threw a wave at a custodian in the middle of a recital

Lali Espósito threw a wave at a custodian in the middle of a recital
September 6, 2023 – 09:35

The Argentine artist was in the middle of a recital in Israel, conversing with the public, until she warned the security and exclaimed: “Ah, but how handsome!”

Lali Esposito had time to file one of the security men in the middle of the recital that he gave in Tel Aviv, Israeland spoke to him until the aforementioned turned to look at her.

“Ah, but how handsome!” she exclaimed. lali when she was conversing with the fans from the stage, and noticed the presence of the custodian, located below and with his back to her, following those present.

espositoImmediately afterwards, she spoke a few words to the handsome man, until he, aware of the situation, turned on his back and smiled shyly at her, to which she, satisfied with the answer, continued her show.


The arrival in Israel in an Instagram post

Lali Esposito came to Tel Aviv to give a concert as part of his tour of Europe and Asia. The singer was very excited with her arrival and the reception of her fans.

“We are here. I am very happy. Thank you for all the love with which you welcomed me just at the airport”said lali days ago after arriving in the country, through a story on his account instagram.

Then, a funny moment during one of the shows went viral, in which lali He was about to consult something with his public.

“I have a question”said the singer until, unexpectedly, she stopped her speech and looked at one of the security guys who was under the stage.

Then, she made a couple of gestures referring to the young man’s beauty and greeted him several times until he turned and looked at her. This produced the cry of all the audience present and Lali ended up asking her audience: “Are you ready for the party?”

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